Bible Verses Vivid Print Versatile Tapestry - I Will Bring Health & Healing ~Jeremiah 33:6~

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I Will Bring Health & Healing ~Jeremiah 33:6~ - Meditate Healing Christian Store

Add some life to those empty walls by incorporating a tapestry to your living space! These large, yet inexpensive pieces of wall art are the perfect home accent on a budget. Durable, lightweight, easy to move and hang, simple to wash… What’s not to love about a tapestry? 
Specially designed by our designers with love for you, fill your house with the love of the Lord through the bible scriptures.
• Processed and printed in U.S.A
• 100% Lightweight Polyester
• Vivid Printed Top
• Finished Edges
• Gentle Machine Was on Cold
• Line Dry or Tumble on Low
• Avoid Bleaches or Whitening Agents

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