A Testimony Of God's Unmerited Love

I can never tell you enough how many times God has walked with me in my challenges and brought me out of it triumphantly. Perhaps the most deeply etched salvation was when God restored health to mom and saved our relationship.

Mom has been having chronic wounds on her right leg and it never seems to heal, to the point where once I tried to remove a gauze from her dressing, a piece of flesh came off with it and mom did not even feel a thing. I have exhausted all sorts of medication paths but no doctor have a cure for it. On 31 Dec, mom had an inflammation and I had to admit her to a hospital. All sorts of challenges started to surface and I had to handle it all by myself as my family is residing in other countries. Although I have friends, I still felt alone and exhausted from accompanying mom in the hospital for 13 hours a day.

During one bus ride home, tears started to stream down my cheek. By the time I got home, I pulled out my bunch of keys and out came with it a red ribbon. I was puzzled. Then I remembered it was given to us by Senior Pastor Leon Fontaine while he was a guest Pastor in our church. The red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus that has washed away all sins and sicknesses from our life. It was as though God telling me all will be fine. With all avenues exhausted and all scans did not come back with a conclusion, I had to rely on God to save mom (on hindsight, I should have gone to Daddy God first). Everyday, I make sure mom takes the Holy Communion and declares that the blood of Jesus has washed her clean.

Holy Communion

By the time mom was discharged, the doctors still could not find a cause for the chronic wounds. I was trained by the nurses to dress mom's wound and we were to return for a follow up check in 2 weeks' time. I asked how long would it take for the open wound to heal, I was told due to mom's age, it's hard to tell (what the nurse really meant was, mom's old so recovery will be very slow). Mom continue to take Holy Communion and declared that by the stripes that fell on Jesus' body, she is made healthy. Before I open up the old dressing, I would pray over it (bloody sights give me weak knees!).

When we went back for the follow up check, the nurse gasped and I was taken aback, I asked if I did something wrong. She said no but was very surprised by how fast the wounds healed. We were supposed to see her again in another 2 weeks but I cancelled the appointment because there isn't anything for her to check on! The wounds are all closed up, and miraculously, the dead flesh that fell off her feet formed a concave shape, now totally flat with new pink flesh filled the concave in under 4 weeks! It is absolutely impossible but guess what? Everything is possible with God! Thank you Father in Heavenly!

Gone are the days where mom had to endure the daily pain from the sting of hydrogen peroxide used for wound dressing, she would clench her fist getting ready for the sting, her temper would flare due to the pain and that affected our relationship terribly. Looking back, mom said she wished she had known the faithful and loving Father in Heavenly who gave up his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die at the cross for our redemption, way earlier so she would not have suffered daily for years.

The Shepherd

Countless times we faced challenges in health, at work or at home, we pray and keep praying, keep declaring the promises of God in the Holy Bible and have faith that we will be delivered, and we shall be!

Based on this principle and my personal experience, I came up with the concept of incorporating bible verses into home & living products so that every time we see it, we shall meditate on it, declare God's promises for us and strengthen our journey of faith - even when everything else fails, God will never ever fail us! The Lord shall bring you out of any challenges you may have now and open doors of opportunities to you when you least expected it.


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